April 13th 2022 - IMPORTANT UPDATE

In an earlier message, the governing council communicated its decision to refund subscribers’ money and to begin a process of dissolving the corporation. However, it was also mentioned that if a core of DLL members wishes to come forward to review and renew DLL for a possible resurgence in 2023, that opportunity will be given. We now have mechanics in place to realise these decisions.

To receive a refund please mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Anne Repath, Treasurer – Durham Lifelong Learning 323 Bluejay Cres. Oshawa, Ont. L1G 6X4.

We will send the $70 or $140 (per couple if there are two subscribers).  Please send this by May 31, 2022.
As to the future of the corporation, we will have sufficient monies left to seed a revised organization if the interest and manpower is there. If not, our constitution advises that leftover monies be donated to local colleges. You can contact us by clicking the bar below or call Dave Rabjohn at 289-688-0781.  A deadline of December 31, 2022 has been imposed.


It has been a privilege to serve this great organization and we hope for better days ahead for everyone.

    Governing Council, Durham Lifelong Learning



We are a non-profit organization of approximately 450 subscribers and have been providing high quality presentations and seminars by interesting and engaging speakers for 18 years.  Our topics are extremely varied and cover a multitude of subjects. There are opportunities to ask questions of the presenters and also to attend seminars for an in-depth understanding of a particular subject.

Our Mission


We believe that you should never stop learning.  There are so many interesting subjects and so much information to absorb that it is a lifelong journey to discover new facts and opinions.  Our presentations provide intellectual stimulation, interesting opinions and promote conversation, discussion and the dissemination of knowledge.  We value your feedback and, with your support, will continue to provide the highest possible standard of presentation material.  

Speakers / Seminars


There are two series of weekly speakers, a spring series of eight presentations beginning in March and a fall series of eight  presentations beginning in October. These occur every Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. for approximately one hour. 

Between May and September there are often seminars which allow for a group of individuals to spend more time getting  deeper into specific subjects which may have been presented during the Spring or Fall speaker series.  New subjects may also be introduced. 

About Us
Annual subscriptions are open to all individuals at a cost of $85 per person payable at any time during the year.  The year's program consists of eight one hour presentations in the spring series and eight in the fall series. This subscription fee includes ALL seminars that are offered, in May and in September.  This is your chance to meet people with similar interests and to expand your knowledge on a variety of subjects.  Click on the subscription menu tab for more information.