About Our Organization


Our non-profit organization relies heavily on our volunteers. We are divided into several functional groups that maintain the smooth running of DLL.


Please consider joining this great group of people.




Our Governing Council:

Dave Rabjohn    

Pat Jermey          

Brenda Peel        

Geoff Claydon    

Stella Tembe        

Barry Fleet           

Anne Repath       

Paul Craig             

Other Volunteers

Judy Feeney 

Dolly Pargetter

Heather Fowlie

Our Volunteers:

Speaker Committee Members

Patricia Cross                   -   Speaker Committee

Tom Fitzsimmons            -   Speaker Committee 

Alison Gilmour                 -   Speaker Committee 

Gord MacLean                  -   Speaker Committee 

June MacLean                   -   Speaker Committee

Dave O’Connor                 -   Speaker Committee 

Larry Simpson                  -    Speaker Committee

Wendy Noakes                 -    Speaker Committee

Greg Pargetter                  -    Secretary 

Seminar Committee

Joyce Marshall                   -   Seminar Committee 

John Davies                        -   Seminar Committee 

Jim Robb                             -   Seminar / Comm.

Liam Venner                      -   Seminar Committee 

Jim Blight                            -   Seminar Committee

DLL maintains a close connection to and a valuable association with O.T.U.  and Durham College



Please watch the videos to understand the importance of these institutions in our community

 -   Chairperson 

-    Vice-Chairperson 

  Speakers Committee Chairperson

-    Communications Chairperson

-    Subscription Services 

-    Seminar Committee Chairperson

-    Treasurer

-    Secretary