2016 Seminars - May

Seminars are offered in addition to the annual lecture program schedule and provide an opportunity for an in-depth coverage of a specific subject and /or issue.  Seminars are offered in May and September, at the Whitby Public Library, Dundas Street, Whitby, in Conference Room 1B from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and are usually on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. There is no homework in connection with seminars, but some members continue with their own research and reading after hearing the discussions and questions raised.  The cost of these seminars is included in the annual payment fee of $75.00 for your DLL membership.

Seminar  -  Tuesday May 10, 17, 24 & 31

Laura Clements

Corporate Trainer and Health

and Wellness Specialist


Subject: Brain Health

All four sessions below are highly interactive and often hands-on, so please come prepared to join in as we learn about your fascinating brain that makes your body run (or walk!).


Session 1:​ ​ Brains n’ Braun. Neuroscience – what is it? Alzheimer’s and Dementia prevalence and research based deterrents. Brain shrinkers and boosters. Digital Dementia. Baby boomers and the brain. Switch it up. How to improve your balance, and why it is important. Movement magic. Get your groove on. We cover all aspects of movement, from traditional exercise, brain exercises, to actions in daily life. ​ Please bring a pair of scissors.


Session 2:​ ​ Daily ‘best brain’ habits and tips. Practical habits and daily tips to enhance brain power. Remembering names and lists. How memories are laid down. The power of social interactions, and exactly with who and how much we should interact to make our brains feel good. (Hint: this is not ‘one size fits all’)


Session 3:​ ​ Edibles and extra-curricular for your mind. You are what you eat, and more importantly, what you DON’T eat. Your new brain foods shopping list. Mind blowing studies on what foods enhance brain power, and easy to make (and tasty) foods that feed your brain. Spices and supplement. Liquid libations. Past-times that benefit your brain, and why they do. Education, mandala, (active) meditation, laughter yoga, puzzles, reading, music, etc. Brain teasers and tongue twisters.


Session 4:​ ​ Global champions of longevity and brain health.

Putting it all together. We look at cultures around the world that have low rates of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and see what they are doing. We look at studies of longevity, and groups of people that live the longest and see what they do. Key markers of longevity. Wrap-up and summary, along with… more fun and games.

Session 1:  -  Melissa Cole - Curator 

Topic:             Archaeology and its Role in History.

Artifacts from excavations at the Grandview and MacLeod sites will be discussed, along with information from the Farewell Cemetery and Henry House collections.


Session 2:  -  Lisa Terech  - Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Topic:             Undiscovered History

Lisa reminds us that there are stories you can read in a history book, but then there are stories that require us to dig a little deeper to find them.


Session 3:  -  Jennifer Weymark

Topic:            Challenging the Narrative: Archivist

Jennifer will explore the role of archives in researching and sharing the narrative of a community and will examine the research process that literally rewrote the history of the Oshawa Community Museum.


Session 4:  -  Laura Suchin,  - Executive Director

Topic:             Issues at Work and the Future of Working with the Past. Laura examines the manufacturing past of Oshawa and looks at new areas of opportunity arising in the emerging in the creative economy.  We will look at ways the arts, heritage and cultural community remain relevant and enhance the role in the new economy.

Seminar  -  Thursday May 12, 19, 26 & Jun. 2