2017 Spring Seminars 

Seminars are offered in addition to the annual lecture program schedule and provide an opportunity for an in-depth coverage of a specific subject and /or issue.  Some seminars are offered during the spring lecture series or shortly after the series and are usually on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. There is no homework in connection with seminars, but some members continue with their own research and reading after hearing the discussions and questions raised.  The cost of these seminars is included in the annual payment fee of $75.00 for your DLL membership.


Location : 410 Taunton Road West, WHitby                      Location:  Whitby Public Library
Seminar  -  Thursday March 30th, April 6th

Sheridan Nurseries


Gardening: Preparation for

the Spring and Summer

These (2) Seminars are being hosted by Sheridan Nurseries in Whitby and are focused on preparing your lawns, shrubs and flower beds for the coming year. Each seminar will be in two parts led by one of Sheridan Nurseries staff. Coffee will be served in the seminar room. The Seminar Room is located at the North West end of the nursery building entering through the main door.

 Thursday March 30th:

 1 pm - 2 pm     Lawn Care and questions to follow.

  2 pm - 3 pm    Pruning and questions to follow

 Thursday April 6th: 

 1 pm - 2 pm      Perennial Gardening and questions to follow.  

  2 pm -  3 pm    Container Gardening and questions to follow

Seminar  -  Thur. May 18, 25 & Jun. 1 & 8


Brian Carwana


World Religions

May 18, 2017. To See, To Be, To Do: The Landscape of World Religions

This talk provides an overview for understanding the topography of world religions. It will, in a single talk, give a sense of the whole picture including how religions relate to those both similar and distant. Our most popular talk, it provides participants with a map for understanding our religious world and sometimes one’s own position on it.


May 25, 2017. Buddhism: All is Mind

While India has spawned many religious philosophers, few have been as innovative as the Buddha. We will explore the unique and sometimes surprising claims of this meditator and thinker. We will examine his life story and the many archetypes it touches on and, finally, we will learn about the continuing evolution and development of this large global religion over the centuries.


June 1, 2017. Islam: And Muhammad is his Messenger

From the Arabian desert came one of the most influential movements in human history. Who was Muhammad? How is his life described? What forces have helped shape Islam over the centuries? We will address these questions as well as media favoured topics such as shariah, terrorism, colonialism, and women in this much discussed tradition.


June 8, 2017. Native Spirituality: Living in Seven Directions

North American Native traditions are multiple and diverse. In this class, we will examine some common generalities while also focussing at times specifically on the Haudenosaunee and Wendat (i.e. Iroquois and Huron) traditions local to this area. We will consider in particular, how the body often is used as a tool for spiritual experience.