2019 Spring Seminars - May 2, 9, 16 & 23

These are a series of in-depth two hour seminars which allow for members to spend more time, in an intimate and interactive environment, getting  deeper into specific topics which are often related to presentations from the previous speaker series.  These Seminars will be held at the Whitby Public Library (Central Branch), on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. for approximately two hours (this will include a short coffee break).  There is no sign-up for these session.  All you need is your subscription card.  The cost of these seminars is included in the annual fee of $85.00 for your DLL subscription.  


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Location :  Whitby Public Library   Central Branch Rm 1 A/B    

Subject:  "Catastrophic loss in Canada and the World"


Speaker:  Dan Sandink

Subject:  "Catastrophic loss in Canada and the World"


Speaker:  Dan Sandink

Seminar - May 2nd 2019 

Subject:  "Catastrophic loss in Canada and the World"


Speaker:  Dan Sandink

Dan Sandink joined the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) in 2006 and is currently Director of Research. ICLR was established by Canada’s property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry in 1997 as an independent, not-for-profit natural disaster mitigation research institute affiliated with Western University. Dan has led a significant portion of the Institute’s urban flood risk reduction work, and he has authored or co-authored dozens of reports and articles on topics related to urban and basement flooding. Dan’s writing has focused on public risk perceptions, adoption risk reduction practices by households, insurance, climate change, flood protection technologies, construction codes, among many other topics. Dan is a graduate of the geography and planning programs at the universities of Guelph, Western Ontario and Toronto.

Overview of Seminar

Insured losses from natural disasters commonly exceed $1 billion per year in Canada. Losses from disaster events are often largely driven by damages to homes (low-rise residential), including damages caused by extreme rainfall, wind and wildland fires. While wildland fire and wind have driven notable disaster events in the past few years, basement flooding is a particular, problematic driver of disaster damage, and it affects residents and communities across Canada. Aside from insured and uninsured property damage, homeowners face reduced home livability, loss of irreplaceable items, exposure to health risks associated with contaminated floodwaters, and impacts on insurance coverage and premiums.

Dan will provide an overview of ongoing work at ICLR with a focus on mitigating the impacts of extreme natural events - including urban/basement flood, high wind and wildland fire - on residential buildings. This work draws on multiple sources of information, including experience during and after disaster events, lab testing, stakeholder consultation, and application of measures via retrofit and new home building programs. Topics discussed in the seminar are relevant for homeowners and home buyers, as well as those considering local, provincial and national policy oriented toward disaster risk reduction and climate resilience. 

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Location :  Whitby Public Library  Rm 1 A/B    
Seminar - May 9th 2019 

Subject:  "The Dam Busters"


Speaker:  Ted Barris

Background: Award winning journalist,

author, & broadcaster

Dam Busters.jpg

“Barris tells the jaw-dropping story of a night that changed the war.” —The Globe and Mail

It was a night that changed the Second World War. The secret air raid against the hydroelectric dams of Germany’s Ruhr River took years to plan, involved an untried bomb and included the best aircrew RAF Bomber Command could muster—many of them Canadian. The attack marked the first time the Allies tactically took the war inside Nazi Germany. It was a military operation that became legendary.

On May 16, 1943, nineteen Lancaster bombers carrying 133 airmen took off on a night sortie code-named Operation Chastise. Hand-picked and specially trained, the Lancaster crews flew at treetop level to the industrial heartland of the Third Reich and their targets—the Ruhr River dams, whose massive water reservoirs powered Nazi Germany’s military-industrial complex.

Each Lancaster carried an explosive, which when released just sixty feet over the reservoirs, bounced like a skipping stone to the dam, sank and exploded. The raiders breached two dams and damaged a third. The resulting torrent devastated enemy power plants, factories and infrastructure a hundred miles downstream.

Every airmen on the raid understood that the odds of survival were low. Of the nineteen outbound bombers, eight did not return. Operation Chastise cost the lives of fifty-three airmen, including fourteen Canadians. Of the sixteen RCAF men who survived, seven received military decorations.

Based on interviews, personal accounts, flight logs, maps and photographs of the Canadians involved, Dam Busters recounts the dramatic story of these young Commonwealth bomber crews tasked with a high-risk mission against an enemy prepared to defend the Fatherland to the death.

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Location :  Whitby Public Library  Rm 1 A/B    
Seminar - May 16th 2019 

Subject:  "Overlooked: Canadian Art in The Shining"


Speaker:  Olex Wlasenko

Background: Curator Whitby Station Gallery

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic The Shining is a covert foray into Canadian art history. Dozens of familiar and not-so-familiar paintings have been spotted on the set of the haunted alpine hotel. Join Whitby’s Station Gallery Curator Olex Wlasenko as he reveals independent research into Canadian artistic content hidden in-plain-sight in Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece.


This year marks Olex’s 11th anniversary as Curator at Whitby's public gallery. After completing his graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario in the fall of 2000, Wlasenko worked as Assistant Curator at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG) in Oshawa, Ontario. There he organized over twenty photography exhibitions featuring vintage prints that document the historical development of his hometown of Oshawa.  Wlasenko has curated over 80 exhibitions, notably Broken Promises: Soviet Photography in the Age of Stalin at the MacLaren Art Centre, Vera Jacyk: Chysto, Chysto, Chysto at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Brendan Fernandes: Dada Afrika, Meryl McMaster: In Between Worlds and most recently Barry Ace: The Great Lakes at Station Gallery.


Olex has lectured on a range of topics related to art appreciation and film. He spent four years meticulously researching the Canadian visual presence in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic The Shining. On Thursday, May 16, he will share his findings of Canadian artists in an illustrated, multimedia art talk titled Overlooked: Canadian Art in The Shining.

Location :  Whitby Public Library  Rm 1 A/B    
Seminar - May 23rd 2019 

Subject:  "The Amazing Life of Bees"


Speaker:  Dave and Keri-Ann Etch

Background: Hunnabees Honey and Co.

In this seminar we will:

  1. Review the history of beekeeping in Southern Ontario.

  2. Review the lifecycle of the honeybee, roles/gender of the honeybee,

  3. An overview of our beekeeping year.

We will also bring our educational hive and some tools for everyone to check out after.



We are third generation beekeepers who first began our adventures beekeeping on Scugog Island in Port Perry, and recently expanded our business to our new farm in Millbrook, Ontario. We aim to reduce the impact of our farm and honey production through ongoing innovation on our farm. 

We foster crops which are pollinator friendly, including goldenrod, wildflower and clover. Our farm also features a fresh vegetable garden, acres of flowers (in the works) and some of our best friends, the goats.

As beekeepers, we are committed to education and aim to provide resources for the local community in understanding the role bees play in the greater ecosystem. We have already teamed up with local farmers & land owners and added 5 new bee yards within Millbrook in 2017/18, with more expansion in the works for 2019.