2017 Fall Seminar

Seminars are offered in addition to the annual lecture program schedule and provide an opportunity for an in-depth coverage of a specific subject and /or issue.  Some seminars are offered during the spring lecture series or shortly after the series and are usually on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. There is no homework in connection with seminars, but some subscribers continue with their own research and reading after hearing the discussions and questions raised.  The cost of these seminars is included in the annual DLL subscription.


Location : Whitby Public Library           
Seminars  -  Tuesday Sept 5,12,19 & 26th

Art though many eyes

Seminar  -  Thursday Nov. 16th  -1:00 pm 

"General Motors Oshawa - A Pictorial History"

Speakers from Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa and Station Gallery, Whitby

 Tuesday Sept 5th:  - A picture tells a thousand words

It’s one thing to read about a major event in Oshawa’s history by using photographs it can provide a glimpse into what it was like to be there for that moment, when the camera captured an instant. Join the Robert McLaughlin Assistant Curator Sonya Jones in exploring the concept of a “A picture tells a thousand words´by examining images that captured Oshawa’s history (from the Thomas Buckley Photographic Collection).

Tuesday Sept 12th: -  Painters 11 and the RMG

“There is no jury but time” Join Linda Jansma, Senior Curator, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, as she discusses the evolution of Ontario’s first abstract painting group, Painters 11 (1953-1960) and the connection to Oshawa 

Tuesday Sept 19th:  - Looking back, moving forward

In 2017 the RMG celebrates 50 years. Join RMG’s CEO, Donna Raetson-Kemps in lively conversation as she shares the stories of the RMG, the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the people who made it happen and the rapidly changing landscape of the public art gallery

Tuesday Sept 26th: -  Synchronicities, Art and Cinema

Never has the intersection of art and film been as pronounced as today. Join Whitby Art Gallery Curator Olex Wiasenko in this popular, ever expanding series exploring visual art and cinema. Olex addresses the influence of moving images on still imager and vice versa…..

Since the first "Buick" rolled out in the early 1900's the name "General Motors" has been intertwined with Oshawa.  It's existence drove the economy of the Oshawa area and as GM went so too did Oshawa. 

Join Robert Mclaughlin Gallery Assistant Curator, Sonya Jones as she tells the story of this iconic company through stories and photographs