Message from the Chairperson

A hearty welcome to our existing subscribers, new subscribers and potential subscribers!  Shakespeare once wrote: “Oh this learning, what a thing it is!”  Gremio’s enthusiasm echoes our own – as our name suggests, learning is a lifelong experience and our programs are tailored for that experience.  We are proud of our varied and stimulating lectures and seminars which have been enjoyed for over seventeen years.  We offer a grateful nod to the many founding members and continuing volunteers who work with diligence and enthusiasm for our subscribers.  I strongly encourage you to become a part of one of our various committees and to participate in the future development of this fantastic organization.


We are pleased to offer you the latest version of our web site that thoroughly describes all aspects of our organization and gives an insight into how you can become involved.  We are also very proud of the multitude of technologies that we are utilizing to keep all subscribers up to date about our activities.  I will not take the space here to list the many volunteers who have built these innovative processes, but you can see their names on the site and I am very grateful to them.

Please join us!  Bring a friend.  You will be both welcomed and inspired.

Dave Rabjohn, Chairperson

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